This is a category which shows members with their own fan characters for the Toshinden series.

For explanation, a fan character (or also called as FCs), is a character which is made unofficially with it's own story, moves, backstory, and more which do not really exist within the official games they are made to be in. They can be considered why most video game series are very popular (Such as Naruto, Sonic the Hedgehog, and of course, Soulcalibur) through the fan communities.

Just incase someone adds you in here, it means that you have at least one fan character of your own seen in your profile or somewhere else. Or at least seem you have a fan character. You can add or remove yourself here whenever you feel like it.

Please add this at the top or somewhere else when you have your own fan character.

If you have a fan character that isn't on your Userpage, please move it to FanChar:<Your Username>:<CharacterName> e.g. FanChar:Hyper Zergling:Tian for Hyper Zergling's fan character Tian.

Here's an updated version for the Page link. User:<Your Username>/<Character Name> e.g. User:SMS1996/Jonah for SMS1996's FC Jonah. However, you may still use the above page link if you prefer it.

Ambox_notice.png User Created Character

This character is a character created by a user of this wiki, and as such is not part of the Toshinden series canon

To add the template, just add {{UserCharacter}} to your page

Rules of Fanscript Edit

Please don't post pages that say that non-confirmed characters not of the Toshinden series are going to be in future Battle Arena Toshinden games. Earliest example was when people were posting up the Leon page when he was rumored to be in Toshinden 5. Since it wasn't confirmed, the page was deleted. Despite the fact that he was a guest character in Battle Arena Toshinden 3, it counted as abuse because it said that he was to be in 4 before anything was confirmed. Even if it begins with FanChar in front of it, it still counts as abuse. The rule extends to saying things like they're the Main villian of Toshinden 5. Be warned, vandalism and infringement won't be taken too lightly.

Look at the Fanscript Rules for more details.

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