Ellis BAT3
Name: Ellis Cemil
Weapon: Twin Dirks
Nationality: Turkish
Birthday: June 5th, 1980
Age: 16 (1996), 17 (1997), 19 (1999)
Signs: Gemini-Monkey
Sex: Female
Height: 160cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood Type: O
Occupation: World famous acrobat and dancer
Likes: The happiness and joy of people, especially children
Dislikes: Thunder and stormy weather
Favorite Food: Anything sweet, especially lokum and mochi
Skilled at: Being able to peel a whole fruit of any sort without bruising or misshaping it, scaling anything if she wanted to
Most Important: Her necklace that belongs to her true family


Gaia (long lost father)

Kaede (long lost mother, deceased, assassinated)

Long lost infant brother (deceased)

Step Father

Step Mother

Troupe (countless children she cares for like brothers and sisters)

Moveset ListEdit

Special ArtsEdit

  • Soar Window
  • Lollipop
  • Homing Swallow
  • Pinwheel Dance
  • Arc Slash
  • Cutie Hornet
  • Lovestreak Ribbon

Opportunity ArtsEdit

  • Sparkling Champagne
  • Sticky Drop
  • Mischievous Peri

Soul Bomb ArtsEdit

  • Heart Lathed Routine
  • Fairy's Blessings
  • Kiss Kiss Kiss!!
  • Stardust Lip
  • Come Fly With Me

Ultimate Revenge AttackEdit

  • Romance Daze
  • Sweet Dreams
  • French Kiss