Name: Lancelot Lakeknight
Weapon: Rapier
Nationality: England
Sex: Male
Height: 161cm (5'3")
Weight: Unknown
Age: 15
Blood Type: Unknown
Occupation: Student


Duke B. Rambert (Master)

Puella Marionette (Friend)

Fen Barefoot (Friend)

Appears in:

Toshinden 4


Lancelot Lakeknight made his first and only appearance in Battle Arena Toshinden 4, as an initially playable character.

Character HistoryEdit

Lancelot is a young English boy who is a champion fencer. One trait that he highly lacks, however, is courage. To tackle this, he looks up opponents' data and weak spots on the internet before their match begins, in order to gain the upper hand. While his father had taught him how to fence skillfully, he was displeased at his son's cowardice and sent him off to train with Duke B. Rambert, the lord of a French castle every summer, to make him more brave in battle.

During one of these summers, he encountered a young girl in the castle, carrying a legendary sword. Challenging her to a fencing match, he was surprised to find that he could not defeat the girl. After her win, the girl, who was named Naru Amoh, revealed that she was searching for her father, Kayin Amoh. She was told by Duke that Eiji Shinjo, her father's best friend, may know where he was. Ever since then, Lancelot admired Naru for her skills and bravery.

Within time, he met up with Puella Marionette, his chat room acquaintance and Fen Barefoot to enter the fourth Toshindaibukai, hoping to see Naru again for a rematch.

Lancelot's design is based on characters of the anime and manga series Revolutionary Girl Utena.

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