Miyabi made her first and only appearance in Battle Arena Toshinden 4, as an initially playable character.

Character HistoryEdit

Miyabi is a descendant of a ninja clan, who had received extensive training in becoming a powerful warrior with her large shuriken blade. However, she was unaware that a dark sorcerer named Genma was keeping a close eye on her because of her skill. Eventually, Genma kidnapped Miyabi and cast a spell on her, which erased her memories and planted false ones into her mind, causing her to believe that she had been an orphan born in Hong Kong and Genma had took her in and raised her as a ninja.

With no memories of her true past and hardly any will of her own, she became Genma's underling from then on, following his every command. They both spent some time in America, where he would order her to test her skills in street fights downtown. She eventually encountered and battled against a young man known as Rook Castle. She was surprised by his skill, even though she managed to overcome him.

Miyabi then disappeared with Genma, although she never forgot about Rook, as she felt that it was her destiny to meet him again. When she learned of the upcoming fourth Toshindaibukai, Genma ordered her to enter in his team. Miyabi also discovered that Rook would be participating in the tournament as well and so she prepared for battle, hoping to encounter him once more.

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