Name: Puella Marionette
Weapon: Suzaku Bow
Nationality: Switzerland
Sex: Female
Height: 153cm
Weight: 43kg
Age: 16
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Choir Singer
Family: Duke B. Rambert (father)

Uranus (mother; deceased)

Eos (foster guardian)

Appears in: Toshinden 4


Puella Marionette is a fictional, playable character in the Battle Arena Toshinden video game series. She made her first and only appearance in Battle Arena Toshinden 4, as an initially playable character.

Character HistoryEdit

Since Puella was an infant, she had been told by the nuns of her religious orphanage that she had been brought in and left by a beautiful blonde-haired woman, (most likely Uranus). One day, while praying at the altar, she was enwrapped in a bright light and an angel-like woman came down from the heavens and gave her a magical, glowing golden bow to her. It turned out to be the Suzaku Bow, one of the Four Sacred Arms.

A while later, a mysterious organization called the Gerard Foundation learned of the power of Puella's magical bow and attacked the orphanage, threatening to kill everyone inside unless she gave herself up to them. However, the Suzaku Bow in her hand began to glow and she instinctively shot an arrow at the intruders, causing them to flee. Ever since, though, it seemed that her presence was an inconvienence and a danger to the other inhabitants of the orphanage. However, she was told by the head of the orphanage that it was in God's will that the Suzaku Bow had been passed down to her, because of her growing strength and she should follow her own path with it.

When she turned sixteen, Puella left on a journey to the foruth Toshindaibukai, encountering both Fen Barefoot and her friend from the internet, Lancelot Lakeknight. The three grouped together as a team, ready to take on the Gerard Foundation, as well as any other evil that threatened the world.