Name: Subaru Shinjo
Weapon: Byakko katana
Nationality: Japan
Sex: Male
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown


Sho Shinjo (Father, Deceased)

Cupido (Mother, Deceased)

Eiji Shinjo (Uncle, his Master)

Appears in:

Toshinden 4


Subaru Shinjo made his first and only appearance in Battle Arena Toshinden 4 (Toshinden Subaru), as an initially playable character and the main protagonist of the game.

Character HistoryEdit

Subaru is the son of Sho Shinjo and Cupido, who was trained by his uncle, Eiji Shinjo, in the ways of the sword after the events of the third Toshindabukai. One day, however, Eiji had suddenly disappeared and while Subaru had wondered on where he went to, he eventually took advantage of this and left school for a while in order to follow in Eiji and Sho's foosteps of being a world-traveling fighter.

Eventually, Subaru received an invitation from Eiji to the fourth Toshindabukai. Deciding to test his strength and skills before returning his weapon, one of the Sacred Arms, to Eiji, he entered the tournament with his teammates Naru Amoh and Rook Castle.

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