• 31.veil
    Nationality: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Blood type: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Occupation: Former leader of the Soshiki
  • Weapon: Laser blades


Veil made his first and only appearance in Battle Arena Toshinden 3, as the hidden, unlockable final boss and the final antagonist. He has an almost identical moveset to Abel, although his attacks are slightly more damaging and he has the ability to teleport around the arena. He also has the same voice as Abel, although the reasons for this are unknown.

Character HistoryEdit

Veil was once the leader of the Soshiki, but when he failed to summon Agon Teos, he was imprisoned by Abel, one of his soldiers. He managed to break free during the third tournament, however, and decided to face Abel and exact his revenge. But before he could face him, Eiji Shinjo had killed Abel. Enraged, Veil attacked Eiji, and after a fierce fight, was defeated and killed. Veil has the same voice as Abel, and they share the same fighting style, possibly indicating that they may be personally connected in some way.

Moveset ListEdit

Special MovesEdit

  • Hakidan
  • Soumakidan (lit. Twin Demon Shimmer Bullet)
  • Korinhakidan
  • Grand Tackle
  • Hell's Tornado
  • Skydiver Revenge
  • Invisible Move

Overdrive MovesEdit

  • Veil Meteor Blow

Desperation MovesEdit

  • Fanatic Illusion

Secret MovesEdit

  • Veil Ultimate Phantom
  • Triple Illusion


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