Name: Vermillion

Weapon: Shotgun (Toshinden 2)

Sawn-off Shotgun & Revolver (Toshinden 3)

SMG & Revolver (Toshinden Subaru)

Nationality: Unknown
Sex: Male
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Occupation: Gunfighter/Assassin

Family: Unknown

Appears in:

Battle Arena Toshinden 2

Battle Arena Toshinden 3

Toshinden 4

Battle Arena Nitoshinden


Vermilion made his first appearance in Battle Arena Toshinden 2, as both a hidden final boss and as an unlockable hidden character. He also appeared as an unlockable counterpart to Nagisa Iwashiro in Battle Arena Toshinden 3, and as both an unlockable hidden character and the main antagonist in Battle Arena Toshinden 4.

Character HistoryEdit

Vermilion is a mysterious, feared gunfighter, hired by the Soshiki. He first appeared in the second Toshindaibukai, hiding in the shadows while watching the participants battle each other. Afterwards, he entered the third tournament hosted by Abel. However, when Eiji Shinjo and the rest of his friends destroyed the Soshiki and killed its leader, Vermilion had fled the scene.

Ten years later, a fourth tournament was announced which was secretly being held by Eiji in an attempt to lure out Vermilion. After learning about the true powers of the Four Sacred Arms and discovering that the tournament was to include fighters wielding them, Vermilion had entered the tournament, hoping to retrieve them. Eventually, Vermilion would battle against Eiji for possession of the Four Sacred Arms and it is highly implied that Vermilion had died from within his own efforts of defeating Eiji in their last and final fight against each other.


Battle Arena Toshinden 2Edit

It happened in an instant... The black warrior who appeared as if from nowhere has triumphed over the fighters who struggled so hard against ambition, hatred and destiny. No-one shall ever know his true form now, looking into his cold eyes, it seems that only a hopeless and desolate future awaits him...

Battle Arena Toshinden 3Edit

In the face of Vermilion's evil power, all joy and hope for the future is extinguished. Even those of the dark world stand helpless before his might. Wherever Vermilion goes, fear and terror follow.

Despite working for the Organization, Vermilion always maintains a proud independence and haughty nobility. Now that the ceremony is about to begin, Vermilion stands alone to observe it. A cold smile comes to his lips as he contemplates the pleasure in store for him in the future...


Unlike his counterpart, Nagisa Iwashiro. Vermillion relies on shooting his opponents with both firearms.

Special MovesEdit

  • Upper .45
  • Mega Boom
  • Acid Splash
  • Aerial Press
  • Trigger Wire

Overdrive MovesEdit

  • Death Marionette

Desperation MovesEdit

  • Verm The Ripper


  • Vermillion's weapons have unlimited ammunition.
  • Vermilion is the first character in the Toshinden series that uses firearms. In Toshinden 2, Vermilion used a shotgun and a revolver (named 'Peacemaker'), In Toshinden 3, he used a big handgun and revolver (both of which were gold plated), whereas in Toshinden Subaru the shotgun is replaced with a semi-machine gun.
  • Vermilion makes an uncredited cameo in the Toshinden anime. In the final scene, he ambushes Eiji from behind, and the anime ends as they prepare to fight.
  • In every single one of his appearances, Vermilion is seen fighting Eiji, and is Eiji's final enemy in the entire series, thus making him somewhat Eiji's archenemy.


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