Name: Zola
Weapon: Whip with a bladed tip, by the name of Bloody Rose, and claws
Nationality: Austria
Sex: Female
Height: 174cm
Weight: 52kg
Age: 24
Blood Type: O
Occupation: Opera Singer/Assassin
Family: Unknown
Appears in: Battle Arena Toshinden 3


Zola is a fictional, playable character in the third installment of the Battle Arena Toshinden video game series. She made her first and only appearance in Battle Arena Toshinden 3, as an unlockable counterpart to Sofia, with a similar moveset to her. Her physical appearance is based on Selena Kyle, also known as Catwoman of the Batman franchise and she also exhibits some of the same feline behavior as her, including scratching herself with her foot before a round begins, running on all fours, rubbing her head against her whip as one of her win poses and embarrassedly grooming herself if she is defeated when being controlled in a single-player gameplay mode.

Character HistoryEdit

Zola is a popular and well-renowned Austrian opera singer who doubles as an assassin for the Soshiki. While most people see Zola as a beautiful and attractive opera singer, others see her for who she really is; a mistress of evil who uses her charm, beauty, and kinky cat-like behaviour to distract and surprise her targets, enabling her to kill them with her razor-sharp whip. Very few can match against Zola in terms of combat and that she's considered to being one of the most dangerous assassins of the Soshiki.

Under orders from Abel himself, Zola had ventured forth to the third Toshindaibukai in the hopes of eliminating her specific target and long-time rival, the Russian private detective Sofia. The two ladies had battled against each other with their speed, agility, and sharp whip-wielding skills and techniques upon sight and even though Zola is considered to be the fastest whip-wielder of the Soshiki, her ability was no match against Sofia's own and that Sofia herself had eventually slayed Zola with the use of her Salamander.


Zola is an Austrian woman with medium length purple hair, blue eyes and wears a black and dark pink cat mask. Her notable outfit is a black and charcoal gray sleeveless revealing catsuit with a diamond design to show her cleavage and black pantyhose and black knee high boots. She also has a dark pink warmers and wears black opera gloves which is improvised to resemble cat claws with two purple lines and has a black shoulder pauldrons in each side of her catsuit.

Her alternate costume is a Matsuri festival costume as opposed to her catsuit primary outfit. She wears a red and white Japanese jacket with white bandages to cover her breast, sarashi shorts and red sandals. Her cat mask is replaced with a kitsune mask and her purple hair is tied in a high ponytail.

Move ListsEdit

As Sofia's counterpart, the color of Zola's lightning projectile is green and her secret move is fire based instead of being lightning. She has the most damage on whipping her opponents than Sofia's. The name of the moves are based on the classic opera music and it's compositions due to her occupation as an opera singer.

Special AttacksEdit

  • Flash Prelude: Zola shoots a green lightning projectile from her bladed whip. She also does this in mid-air.
  • Splash Hold
  • Star Execution: Zola will multiple whiplashes to her opponent several times with her bladed whip in a style of star shape. This is the opposite version of Sofia's Rattlesnake.
  • Golden Ballerina: Zola spins herself along with her whip in slow motion if it connects.
  • Cat Tail


  • Jealousy Symphony: Like her counterpart, Sofia. Zola will taunt her opponent and unleashes a spinning kick along with her bladed whip multiple times if it connects. It is also has a poor recovery time when her opponent dodges while taunting.

Secret MoveEdit

  • Hatred Waltz: Zola heavily whips her opponent in flames and unleashes several whiplashes to her opponent in a blaze. Unlike her counterpart, Zola's move is fire based instead of lightning.

Desperation MoveEdit

  • Jealousy Rondo: Like her counterpart, Sofia. Zola unleashes a spinning whip to her opponent to make heavy damage if it connects. When she hits it to her farther opponent, it becomes a weak damage. During the execution, Zola is able to control her spinning whip unlike her counterpart.